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Maine Event Podcast #14 - Month In Review (April)

After a busy month, Jonny and Harmon, finally get some time to breath, relax and reflect on everything that happened in April.  They talk about the NAWA show they attended featuring some of New England's top Indy stars. Also, Harmon is gearing up to go to Limitless Wrestling's "Can We Kick It" which looks to be an absolute stacked card headlined by Michael Elgin vs. Ace Romero. Harmon has "BIG" interview that night with up and comer Josh Briggs so the boys hype that.  Then to round out the show the two Maine natives talk the month of April in regards to the WWE.  A ton has happened and they discuss their likes and dislikes, their problems and predictions and just an overall overview from right before Mania until now.  



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Limitless Wrestling
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Maine Event Podcast #13 - Maximum Conviction (Review)

Jonny and Harmon invite Megan Nielson from The Hard Times Podcast on the show to review the 2012 film Maximum Conviction.  It teams Steven Seagal with The Texas Rattlesnake himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  What results is anything but glass shattering.


Maine Event Podcast #12 - Worst Gimmick Tourney w/ Eric Ames

What's better than a great gimmick? A terrible gimmick.  Harmon and Jonny put on a tournament of the worst gimmicks of all time and see just which one comes out on top.  Speaking of "On Top", Top Rope Report's Eric Ames joins in on the fun and brings his encyclopedia like mind to the Maine Event Podcast Tournament Edition.


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Maine Event Podcast #11 - The Middlesex Express

Departing from Lowell, MA The Middlesex Express comes rolling into the station of The Maine Event Podcast.  Jonny and Harmon chat it up with Stephen Lust and Steven Broad from the tag team who is always bending the rules, gyrating their crotches and stealing victories over chuds here in the Northeast.


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