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Maine Event Podcast #23 - Month In Review (June)/Live at Luchador Tacos

This week, Jonny and Harmon are talking about what happened in the month of June.  They chat Limitless Wrestling at La Kermesse and describe what happens when carnies meet carnies. WWE’S Money in the Bank PPV is also discussed.  A PPV that was riddled in controversy.  We also talk about our live event the previous weekend at Luchador Tacos in South Paris, Maine.  We ask the good patrons of Luchador Tacos what they think of the month of June in the world of professional wrestling. The boys also chat with Katherine Mitchell, owner of Luchador Tacos, about her authentic taco business taking on Taco Bell head on like a boss and growing up watching G.L.O.W. 


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Maine Event Podcast #22 - NXT: A Current Look

Jonny and Harmon don't talk about NXT nearly enough.  It's really taken a backseat lately to local show chatter, main roster buzz, terrible movie reviews and fantasy tournaments.  This episode changes all that.  The Maine boys take a look at NXT in its current state.  They give their thoughts on the brand in regards to its "developmental" moniker and if thats still an accurate depiction of what NXT is.  They also run down some names on the roster and give their thoughts as to where they stand within the company. Will they get called up or do they need more work? 


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Maine Event Podcast #21 - Favorite Female Wrestler of All Time (Tournament)

In honor of the recently announced WWE Mae Young Invitational Tournament, Jonny and Harmon hold a tournament of their own.  They invite Steven Chapa on the show to be the third voice in this majority rules bracket.  Jonny, Harmon and Steven actually broke into the podcast biz together a few years back as part of the Smark N' Mark Podcast Network. He's a pro wrestling aficionado who brings his valued expertise, spcifically on women's wrestling, to this week's episode.  Listen up as the guys work their way through this bracket right down to the two finalists where then the listeners of the show can take it from there.  Go to our Twitter, @MaineEventPod to vote on the final match up.  Results will be announced on next week's show! 


Maine Event Podcast #20 - “Flash” Nick McKenna (Interview)

This week our guest is the leader of The Flash Mob, “Flash” Nick McKenna.  He’s been wrestling since 2001 and has become a local favorite here in the 207. He calls himself a hobbyist of professional wrestling and just may be the nicest person you know. Jonny chats him up about his career that begins when he’s in high school, his 5 year hiatus when Maine wrestling bookings were few and far between and where he’s at now in his 16 year journey in the wrestling business. You can usually catch him at most NAWA shows in the Southern Maine area. Get to know him here and become part of The Flash Mob!


Maine Event Podcast #19 - Month In Review (May)

The month of May was a busy one for Jonny Fashion and Big Bad Harmon.  They talk about all the fun adventures they had during the month.  From local shows to a new tee shirt launch the boys seemingly have done it all.  They discuss the local shows, Limitless Wrestling and NAWA.  They cover some WWE hot topics such as Jinder Mahal capturing the title, Alexa and Bayley in one of the worst produced segments in recent history and the hunt for the Universal Championship....and the Champion for that matter. 

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