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Maine Event Podcast #37 - Ashley Vox (Interview)

This week, we reel in an unbelievably awesome guest in Ashley Vox and the interview couldn't of gone any more swimmingly. Puns are great huh?  Ashley is one half of the super fun Team Sea Stars with her sister Delmi Exo.  She's also the reigning Chaotic Women's Champion.  She talks to us about growing up in a bad neighborhood, wrestling her sister in the living room and how she began training for the ring.  All while quietly eating a pint of strawberries.  We share a ton of laughs and Ashley admits to wanting to steal Jonny's 4 year old.  She's so outgoing and fun this interview was like shooting fish in a barrel.  Pun City, Fish!


Maine Event Podcast #36 - Month In Review (September)

September was a busy month. Especially the end of September. Harmon and Jonny attended a bunch of local shows this past weekend; NAWA, Limitless Wrestling's "Question The Answers" and Pro Wrestling Takeover's debut show. And then WWE's RAW brand brought us No Mercy on Sunday night.  So much wrestling, so little time.  The boys talk about it all in this action packed episode.


Maine Event Podcast #35 - The Mae Young Classic

If theres one thing we love here at the Maine Event Podcast its a tournament.  The Mae Young Classic was super fun and put some of independent wrestling's best females on display for the WWE Universe to see.  They did not disappoint. Jonny and Harmon talk what they liked and disliked about the Network Exclusive, the results and who WWE should sign to a contract.

The boys also share some of their favorite Bobby Heenan moments.  "The Brain" sadly passed away after battling numerous health issues.  

Also, Mike Crockett from The WPAN leaves us voicemail to tell us that "Kingpin" Brian Milonas worked us last week regarding his feelings about Russell Madness.


Maine Event Podcast #34 - Russell Madness (Review) w/ Kingpin Brian Milonas

This episode is bananas! We get ROH top prospect and one half of the Wrestling Podcast about Nothing, KingPin Brian Milonas, to come on the show and review the movie Russell Madness.  It's part of the Air Bud Entertainment Group and like the rest of the films in this genre it places a dog, Russell, in an unordinary sports role.  This time its the professional wrestling ring against Johnny Mundo! And he has a monkey for a trainer!

Jonny, Harmon and The Kingpin share some laughs breaking down the characters and plot in this film which is clearly aimed at children.  Being 3 guys in their 30's, they're laughing for different reasons other than the constant monkey puns.


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Maine Event Podcast #33- Fantasy Football w/ The Back Row Mafia

Are you ready for some football? We are and we invite some Limitless Wrestling crowd regulars in The Back Row Mafia on the show to have some fun.  It's The Maine Event Podcast vs. The Back Row Mafia in a fantasy football draft where we select superstars from any era and assign football positions to them to create two totally wacky rosters. 


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Maine Event Podcast #32 - Jack Swagger (Interview)

WE THE PODCAST have the leader of the WE THE PEOPLE movement, Jack Swagger, on the show.  We're joined by the former WWE World Champion and ECW HW Champion to talk his upcoming appearance for Limitless Wrestling on September 22 here in Maine.  Its a fun conversation about his current Indy run and how he's enjoying life post WWE. We also pick his brain about some WWE creative moves regarding himself and other characters that we liked throughout the years. 


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Maine Event Podcast #31 - Month In Review (August)

August is just about over so the boys talk what happened in wrestling this month. WWE had two huge events in Summerslam and NXT Takeover Brooklyn III.  Jonny and Harmon run down the matches and give their opinions on what they liked and disliked regarding these two blockbuster events. 

Also, the voting for the Limitless Wrestling 6-man scramble at Question The Answers will be coming to a close on Saturday 8/26. Get your votes in soon.  To help you make your decision we’ll play some voicemails left by some of the potential participants in this match.  Who cut the best promo in attempt to capture your vote?


Maine Event Podcast #30 - Kickboxer: Vengeance (Review)

It's Critic week, so the Maine boys choose an updated version of an old favorite from their youth.  The movie is Kickboxer: Vengeance an it stars former multi time WWE champ and now big time Hollywood superstar, Dave Bautista (Batista).  It's full of MMA stars and even the original kickboxer, the living legend himself, Jean Claude Van Damme returns to the franchise for the first time since 1989 but this time in the role of Master Durand. If you like 15 minute long training montages you'll love this flick and this review. 

Also, Jonny gets real for a few minutes and throws a verbal pipebomb down about something he saw in a pro wrestling FB group.  It's an anti-hate message that he's been thinking about for weeks now in rebuttle to a certain podcaster with a large following who finds "success" by using racist, sexist and homophobic slurs and spreading hatred that his followers eat up and its not cool.  Not cool at all. 

And finally, Randy Carver Jr., owner of Limitless Wrestling, pops in to make a very special announcement regarding the upcoming event Question The Answers, happening on Sept. 22 at the Westbrook Armory. It's breaking news and an exclusive announcement that you'll only hear about on this show. Get your tickets soon.  This one is bound to sell out fast. 


Maine Event Podcast #29 - Mid Season All Stars

This week, we invite Ryan Waning on the show to talk about his new Maine based pro wrestling promotion called Pro Wrestling Takeover.  He tells us his direction for the promotion and who he has lined up for the very first show, happening on September 24th.  Ryan also sticks around to join Jonny and Harmon in a fun round robin discussion of some mid season all stars within the world of professional wrestling. 


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Maine Event Podcast #28 - Anthony Henry (Interview)

This week on the show is current PWX and XWA Heavyweight Champion and one half of the The WorkHorsemen the current Evolve Tag Team Champions, Anthony Henry.  He's a standout on the independent wrestling scene who has claimed wins over the likes of Michael Elgin, David Starr, Flip Gordon and Paul London among so many others. Jonny met up with the Georgia born native before his match at Limitless Wrestling's Nothing Gold Can Stay and they chatted about his pro wrestling and MMA careers, growing up in the south in a big family and how being a dad motivates him in life.  Anthony Henry is definitely a star on the rise and we're excited to see where he'll end up.  

Also on the show, Gregulator joins us once again to chat the rest of our night at Limitless Wrestling's Nothing Gold Can Stay. The show was wild and the pace was perfect. We have a casual conversation about some of our favorite moments of the night.  

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