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Maine Event Podcast #23 - Month In Review (June)/Live at Luchador Tacos

June 30, 2017

This week, Jonny and Harmon are talking about what happened in the month of June.  They chat Limitless Wrestling at La Kermesse and describe what happens when carnies meet carnies. WWE’S Money in the Bank PPV is also discussed.  A PPV that was riddled in controversy.  We also talk about our live event the previous weekend at Luchador Tacos in South Paris, Maine.  We ask the good patrons of Luchador Tacos what they think of the month of June in the world of professional wrestling. The boys also chat with Katherine Mitchell, owner of Luchador Tacos, about her authentic taco business taking on Taco Bell head on like a boss and growing up watching G.L.O.W. 


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