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Maine Event Podcast S3E3 - Grapple Dads pt. 2

The trip to the Limitless Dojo continues for the Grapple Dads. Listen along as the duo talk about stealing snacks from their kids and also develop some background personas for some listener inspired throw away characters.  

Maine Event Podcast S3E2 - Grapple Dads

Jonny and Dalton hit the road and venture to the Limitless Wrestling Dojo in Brewer, Maine.  On the drive up they talk pro wrestling, being dads and share some personal stories.  Some funny and some incriminating. Join The Grapple Dads on this casual road trip for the snacks, the laughs and the sounds of the road. 



Maine Event Podcast S3E1 - With a Tear in My Eye

We kick off Season 3 in a fun way! Dalton, Jonny and.....Quinn(?) watch one of the greatest Royal Rumble matches of all time.  It's 1992, its for the vacant WWF Championship and Ric Flair, who had just jumped ship from WCW to WWF, was the hottest commodity in professional wrestling and he's out to prove that HE'S the real World Champ. 

We had wings, we had beers and we had funny commentary. Watch along with us now!



Maine Event Podcast S2E38 - 2018 Maine Independent Wrestling Year End Awards

Its FINALLY HERE! The Year End Awards for Maine Independent Wrestling has been announced. In the final episode of the year Jonny, Harmon and Dalton reveal the winners in each category and discuss at length all the nominees. It's been a fantastic year and 2019 is full of promise.  Thanks to everyone who made this show happen.  The voting panel, the twitter followers, the wrestlers who were nominated, the winners, the promoters and all the various supporters we have within this crazy business of professional wrestling. 

Maine Event Podcast S2E37 - WWE LIVE.

Jonny, Harmon and Dalton all went to the WWE Live Event in Portland.....separately. Weird right?  Well don't worry because they reunite on this week's episode to discuss their separate experiences.  Jonny brought his kid and some friends, Harmon brought his nephews and Dalton worked stage hand for the event. Also, some unknowns about Dalton come to the surface in the opening jingle.  Lets say its a special birthday surprise for the man!

Maine Event Podcast S2E36 - Let’s Wrestle Vol. 3 Review

Jonny, Harmon and Dalton discuss their trip to Orono for Let's Wrestle Vol. 3 In with the Out Crowd.  They guys did commentary once again for the central Maine promotion and what a night of wrestling it was.  Debuts, returns even an alley fight. And one HUGE announcement for the next show titled Let's Rumble! 


Also, we announce our year awards show! It's shaping up to be a wild ride compiling the nominations and narrowing down winners.  Year End Awards show coming in late December.

Maine Event Podcast S2E35 - Pretenders Beware Review

Limitless Wrestling. Pretenders Beware. Three Year anniversary show. So. Damn. Good.  Harmon, Jonny and Dalton discuss the epic night with a full card rundown consisting of reactions and opinions.  Enjoy! 

Maine Event Podcast S2E34 - Classic Kalvin Strange

This week, we have Classic Kalvin Strange on the show for what might be our longest podcast yet. He tells us all about his journey to Calgary and back to train with Lance Storm. It's one of those trips where everything goes wrong.  Kalvin tells us the details on the epic and at times frustrating road trip to the Great North to essentially begin his wrestling training.  Now he's making a name for himself on the independent wrestling scene.  We're excited to see his journey continue from here. 

Maine Event Podcast S2E33 - Month in Review (August)

This month we cover the month of August.  We talk about our fun filled night up in Orono doing commentary for Let's Wrestle.  Speaking of Let's Wrestle, we play an interview with senior official Eric Greenleaf we did before the show.  He tells about his start in wrestling and how he found his way into the zebra stripes.  For the second half of the show Jonny and Harmon are talking some current WWE chatter.  Opinions on Summerslam and Takeover and what came away from them up until now.  Sometimes best buds just gotta shoot the breeze about wrestling and thats what this episode is all about. 

Maine Event Podcast S2E32 - D.L. Hurst

This week we have D.L. Hurst on the show while he recovers from a broken leg.  We talk the night of his injury and his planned timetable to get back in the ring.  Also, D.L talks TV Shows, Attitude Era WWE, Goldberg, video games and indie wrestling. We also chat about his start and how welcoming and awesome the indie wrestling community is.  

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