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Maine Event Podcast #21 - Favorite Female Wrestler of All Time (Tournament)

June 16, 2017

In honor of the recently announced WWE Mae Young Invitational Tournament, Jonny and Harmon hold a tournament of their own.  They invite Steven Chapa on the show to be the third voice in this majority rules bracket.  Jonny, Harmon and Steven actually broke into the podcast biz together a few years back as part of the Smark N' Mark Podcast Network. He's a pro wrestling aficionado who brings his valued expertise, spcifically on women's wrestling, to this week's episode.  Listen up as the guys work their way through this bracket right down to the two finalists where then the listeners of the show can take it from there.  Go to our Twitter, @MaineEventPod to vote on the final match up.  Results will be announced on next week's show!